Safe2Work Solution

High injury rates in the Healthcare, Justice, Aged Care and Service Industries are leading to unsustainable workers compensation premiums.  There are three areas of injury that require targeted programs to reduce premium, manual handling injury, occupational violence and aggression and psychological injury. Addressing and controlling these issues is complicated and time consuming. The Safe2Work Solution targets the three areas of injury and delivers sustainable outcomes over a 3 year period.  Organisations can utilise the entire end to end solution or cherry pick programs within the solution.

New age HSE Services will assist  your organisation in controlling the problem areas and offer an end to end solution that will achieve sustainable results and reduced worker compensation premium. New Age HSE Services was established in 2014.  Our collective of partners has over 150 years’ experience working across the globe for local and multinational organisations. Our team think laterally, are all expert in their field and together are focused on delivery of high quality outcomes for organisations large and small across all industries.

Sun&planet Safe2 Work matrix

PDF – Safe2Work Solution