A Wish for a New Dawn in 2020

Written by Kim Flanagan on January 1, 2020

Great!! Christmas is over and we are now starting a new year.  So, all goodwill to others can now cease and we can get back to what we do best.

Bullies can now start bullying again; trolls can start making people’s life a nightmare and creeps can start trawling the internet for their next victim.  Politicians can pack away their Christmas messages of hope and peace and get back to business of endless rhetoric and inaction in making our world a safer, cleaner and better place to live.  Oh, and I nearly forgot, the shock jocks, influencers and the “once were” can stay in the spotlight the only way they know how by vilifying, tormenting, and goading minorities all in the name of free speech.

60 people per week take their own life in Australia and we do very little about these issues.  Governments are doing precious little to stem the flow.  Coercive control laws are non-existent. There are no Royal Commissions into the causes of suicide or the suicide of ex-service people. We just keep our heads buried in the sand, ignoring suicide and hoping it will go away.

My wish for 2020 is that social media companies crack down hard on bullies, trolls and creeps.  That Governments start to take the issue of suicide seriously, by introducing new coercive control laws and conducting a Royal Commission;  that all people call out bullying, harassment and vilification; that people turn off the shock jocks, stop following influencers, walk away and don’t listen to people  preaching hate and intolerance to others.

Why can’t we live everyday like it’s Christmas and give respect, kindness, generosity and goodwill to all.  Seriously, the world would be a safer place.

If you need help please contact Beyond Blue on 1300 224636 or Lifeline on 131114 your family and friends need and love you.

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